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    Hello out there,
    Is there someone who has experience with a project to reduce costs with regard to metal waste (chips, metal stamping waste, end pieces of rods, tubes ect).Some steps are maybe:- Analyse possibility to use other raw materials (tube versus bar for   products with a central hole).- Get a better price for chips when they are not polluted with    oil/emulsion and/or pressed to pallets (cookies).- Change machines, so that end pieces of bars/tubes are shorter.- Reuse of the waste material (metal stamping waste – picture frames,   cilinder tube ends – bycicle pump or other wild ideas)
    Any input is more than welcome!!
    Bernard (BB The Netherlands)


    Adam L Bowden

    Hello Bernard,
    If it were my project I’d probably do an audit of the amount of chips produced – and come up with some statistics for each component.
    Maybe look at each one on % terms i.e if it is a casting you could weigh the component then divide it by the original forging weight (1.5 kg/1.85kg = 0.81 or 81%.
    Then I’d challenge your designers to reduce the amount of “waste in their design” – there are usually many ways of achieving a design goal – they are the key to your success.
    One simple way of reducing waste even on a simple threaded shaft if to “roller form” the thread rather than cut it.
    Best regards,



    Thanks Adam,
    Waste in design is a good hint!!
    We have already made the statistics (that’s why we start the project).Here some rough data:- tubes (end parts, scrap..) – 10% = 273T- chips (steel/cast iron) – 50% = 1240T- sheet metal (stamping waste) – 44% = 237T
    Total amount of waste = 1750T = 1.300.000 euro/yr
    With best regards,



    I currently work in a steel fabrication facillity and am very interested in the same issue.
    We have had some success in puuting a % untilization on each cutting program. Documenting this has raised the awareness.
    By changing the orientation of some parts we have found improvements. We have also opened up the use of differing sheet sizes to allow for the change.



    Hi Bernard,
    Can you “value add” by cleaning up the polluted chips to ensure a higher price is achieved for everything.
    Also, do you use control charts to monitor the level of waste generated, eg. kg per day, shift by shift wastage, operator wastage?
    Maybe certain operators, shifts, product type is generating 80% of the scrap. Find out where the waste is mainly been generated from and then do Fishbone, 5 Why’s to work our the true root cause of the problem. From there, brainstorm some solutions with the workforce/machine operators to solve your problem.
    Dave (Australia)

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