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    I work for a small plant, and some tinme some of our orders are incomplete or not all of our samples are sent in with the order.  In order for us to complete our work, the orders our clients send in must identify the sample they sent in, the kind of part they are ordering and must send in the correct sample match. On many occassions, these criteria are not met and are sent in with the bulk of our work. I need to come up with a process that would enable us to keep our orders and samples together for the exception department to make it easier to identify  theseproblems We need to keep our samples and orders in bathes of 15 so we can have how data entry dept to log the information into the system, before it gets to the problem resoultion department. We want to ensure all the parts along with the paper work are kept together after it has been typed by our data processing department. We have supervisors who pick up these batches along with other non problematic batches to give to the data entry department. Please help me to come up with a plan so we will  be able to dertimine the problems ones right a way without compromising the loss of our samples.Please note the orders all come in the same bags.



    Let me challeng your assumptions a bit. If I read your post correctly, you want to make your “Exceptions Department” more efficient, correct? What that says to me is that you have accepted that there is a persistent amount of rework present in your process an you want to try to institutionalize it and make it more efficient.
    I would suggest instead that you focus on making the order process better to eliminate the need for the Exceptions Department altogether. Your customers are sending in orders without all of the proper parts. Is the order process too complicated? Have you spoken to your customers to ask why they routinely send incomplete orders?
    Don’t waste your time trying to improve the rework loop. Spend your time making the overall process better so you can eliminate the rework loop. 
    …unless I misunderstood your question.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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