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Repeatability Only an d % study variation

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    I am being asked to evaluate a machine repeatability study using Minitab’s ANOVA method of Gage R and R. The problem is that the data was not collected using established methods. Ten parts were run ten times on the same machine. I can use the dialogue box, but I get the following error message:
    Gage R&R Study – ANOVA Method
    * NOTE * No or identical values for Operator – will analyze data without
    operator factor.

    One-Way ANOVA Table
    Source DF SS MS F P
    BARCODE 9 154.864 17.2072 78.2106 0.000
    Repeatability 90 19.801 0.2200
    Total 99 174.665
    Alpha to remove interaction term = 0.25

    Gage R&R
    Source VarComp (of VarComp)
    Total Gage R&R 0.22001 11.47
    Repeatability 0.22001 11.47
    Part-To-Part 1.69871 88.53
    Total Variation 1.91872 100.00
    Study Var %Study Var
    Source StdDev (SD) (6 * SD) (%SV)
    Total Gage R&R 0.46905 2.81432 33.86
    Repeatability 0.46905 2.81432 33.86
    Part-To-Part 1.30335 7.82008 94.09
    Total Variation 1.38518 8.31108 100.00
    Number of Distinct Categories = 3
    Is this still a valid analysis? If so, what are the established limits for acceptable percent study variation? Is it still 30% or lower for AIAG?

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    I am a MBA student at University of Miami. If you want you can send me the data and I run the analysis for you. I can even take it to my Design of Experiments professor.
    My email address is
    Dario Pranckevicius
    2006 MBA Candidate
    Six Sigma Champion
    University of Miami

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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