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    When I report the outcome of a DoE, I find it hard to find an elegant format that suits the needs of my audience (co-developers and management, many not knowledgeable on 6Sigma).
    If I opt to show the statisical results, it gets too technical for many and the message gets lost. If I just show the end results in the form of conclusions, some would like to check how these results and conclusions are achieved. If I put the statistical issues in an appendix, I get the comment that the report is too bulky, and so on. It seems to be something special about explaining DoE to non-experts, because I don’t get this conflict with any other type of reporting. Probably it just means I have a blind spot in this area….
    Getting inspiration from others often helps, so I hope that some of you have tackled this issue and found an elegant format for DoE reporting. If you find that is the case with your reports, I’d be very grateful for receiving an example. An overview of paragraphs will do just fine if you don’t want to show any details for business reasons. Please use arendlpdk at 

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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