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    I’m a writer for a manufacturing industry trade
    magazine (Fabricating Equipment News) working
    on assignment. Some last minute research led
    me to this discussion thread and I’m hopeful that
    one or more of you who’ve shown an interest in Six
    Sigma as it relates to small companies,
    particularly small manufacturers, would be
    interested in providing comments for the article
    that I’m working on.
    One drawback is this: my deadline is the end of the
    day on Wednesday (April 4), so you’ll have to reply
    quickly, either to this message board or to me
    privately (my email address is available).
    The overall focus of the article is on quality
    improvement/cost savings through Six Sigma.
    However, I’ve had difficulty in finding any small
    manufacturers, particularly those in the metal
    fabrication and injection molding industries,
    who’ve actively considered and either adopted or
    rejected Six Sigma.
    If you’re interested in getting “free publicity” for your
    company and providing your insight into issues
    related to Six Sigma and small companies, I’d love
    to hear from you.
    Sheree Martin

    If you’re not familiar with Fabricating Equipment
    News, you can find out a great deal at or, the publisher’s web-site
    and online edition of the magazine.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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