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    If you mean Home Depot then a resounding YES. I am surprised you are not already doing it, your new CEO came from GE Power Systems in Atlanta and has been involved with Six Sigma in the past. Six Sigma is nothing more than a way of thinking that helps you make decisions that are based on fact, not hunch….could your business use that? Drop me a line to discuss.



    I work at the worlds largest home improvement retailer as a manager.  Can six sigma apply to everyday operations in a store?


    Jim Johnson

    Yes, any organization can benefit from Six Sigma. In your situation you can definetly benefit from using the tools to first define what is critical to your customer. These are called Critical To Quality (CTQ) characteristics of your processes.I think you need to start there. Obviously, by processes I mean:1. Customer Check-Out.
    2. Contractor Check-Out.
    3. Helping a customer find an item.
    4. Stocking the shelves.
    5. Cutting Lumber.
    6. etc.
    7. etc.If I were to work on a single retail outlet (like a major hardware store), I would start by defining all of the proceeses that are customer touch points. Which processes directly interact with the customer. Define CTQs for these and then determine what drives those CTQs (We call these Xs). Determine which ones are most critical to the individual process in terms of deliverying or meeting the CTQ.Please let me know when you get that far along and I will be glad to help you some more. I firmly suggest that you seek professional training and help in launching 6-Sigma. It really should be driven from the top down into the organization. I hope that this helps.Jim [email protected]

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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