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    I have been tasked with developing a framework to tie back the rewards, recognition and career growth programs of individuals in an organisation to their six sigma / quality contributions,
    Any meaningfull inputs on the above would be highly appreciated !!


    Dr. Scott

    What individuals’ rewards are you most interested in? In most Six Sigma programs and efforts there are the following contributors:

    Team Members
    Champions should be covered by some pre-existing, corporate reward system. Except for the first or second year of Six Sigma deployment.
    MBBs should be rewarded on the development of personnel, 360 feedback from the same, and productivity (see below) of those developed. As years go by, a larger part of their reward should depend on the effectiveness of those they have developed.
    For BBs, productivity in terms of more money and more happy customers in a timely fashion should be the reward hurdle.
    For GBs, the level of competence shown in completing tasks given by the BB, training and development activities completed, and a small portion of productivity.
    Team Members – Should strictly be rewarded on adherence to directions and assigned activities. Also, DOE games can (take care here) be fruitful in that good ideas get an extra reward.


    Mike Smith

    We have a program (in our Services company) with just 2 full time BB and 1 MBB. Everyone else learns 6S and then is expected (after the first projects) to apply what they know to their regular jobs. They are also “available” to work on 1 or 2 more projects each year. We give lots of public recognition to all involved in the 6S effort.
    Those GB and BB have gotten higher raises because of their efforts-based on the results. They also seem to be promoted at a higher rate than others.
    Additionallly, the GB get a$2k bonus once they are certified and the BB get $3k in recognition of the ammount of effort it takes to larn the 6S methodology, and do your first project while keeping up much of one’s regul;ar job.
    Afterwards they seem to like being asked to work on COPQ problems and the attention that goes along with solving a major problem.


    Uma Shankar

    This seems to be a good program. Employee recognition is the best way to keep people involved in this activity.
    Key point is : In Dollar we trust!
    So keep on motivating people and earn benefits from use of statitistics, DOE and response surface optimization.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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