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    what are some of the differences and similarities between robustness and reliability?


    Robert Butler

    I think you will have to be a little more specific – with respect to what?


    Chris Seider

    @rbutler How about robustly reliable? Hope you’re staying relatively warm enough.



    Reliable is designed and built to function for a period that was committed to the customer in terms of Hours or some unit of time.

    Robustness is the ability to continue to function beyond the period committed until it wears out. This can be Durability.

    Robust means stronger than Reliable, that can be called as Durable.



    Reliability: Something is designed to a certain specifications. If 100 of those items are designed, and 99 work as per the specifications, then the reliability of that item is 99%.
    Meaning it works to its specifications.

    Robust: When the designed product above ends up being used in a ways it is not supposed to, but it still functions well, then it is robust.

    Example: An umbrella is designed to withstand winds of 10 mile an hour speeds without flipping and wetting the user in the rain. If all the umbrellas work as specified at 10 mph, then you have designed a very reliable product.
    Say designer A’s umbrellas all flip at 11mph
    Say designer B’s umbrellas dont flip up to 30mph winds

    Although both designer’s umbrellas are reliable, Designer B’s umbrellas are more robust.

    Hope this helps.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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