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    Mike Archer

    I am working my first GB project and need to know how to determine who is Process Owner and who is Champion.


    Mannu Thareja

    Hi Mike,
    In general GB is the “process owner”. The one who is responsible for process to be improved or re-designed. He should have the project deliverable in his objectives.
    Champion is the head of the business unit/ division/ location/ function. He is the one who decides on the GB for the project along with the BB. In addition to this,

    Reviews project periodically
    Adds value in the project reviews since he has hands-on in the business
    Clears road blocks for the team
    has the overall responsibility for the project closure.



    A green belt is by no means a process owner. You are incorrect with this definition. A process owner is the person (usually a manager) who owns the process in whole. A green belt most likely is improving only one aspect of the process and is usually associated with that part of the process.
    For instance, you may have a collections process. There will be a manager in charge of the collections process as a whole. That is the champion. A single collector may be doing a green belt project on reducing late payments by customers in the north-east region. Get it?
    Your definition of champion is correct.
    Reference the dictionary for definitions like these. They’re all in there.


    Mannu Thareja

    Hi Ryan,
    With due respect….
    I said generally, GB is the process owner.
    Because as u told … A process owner is the person (usually a manager) who owns the process in whole …. and no one knows the pain/ problem area better than him.
    Only that person  goes for the treatment who is suffering the most from the pain. And he is the one who will get maximum benifit/ relief on dismissal of the pain area. 
    No one can understand others pain more than he (process owner).
    Comming back to GB:

    Is the Team Leader of the project
    selects his team (who has stake in the process)
    defines the goal of the project with Champion and team members
    defines roles and responsibilities of each team member
    identifies trg requirents for the team along with BB
    helps make the Financial score card along with CFO
    But yes, it is not mandatory that only the “process owner” can play the role of GB.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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