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    Hector Perez

    We have a tester after a fluid filler machine. what I want to know is how well the tester is working. The tester proves if the quantity of fluid filled in the brake system is correct.
    Rigth now, the production guys are using a master to take samples in order to do a Gage R& R study, I`m not sure if this is correct since the R&R ask for the same samples to be measured by different operators.
    Is it correct to use a R&R study here?
    If yes, wich is the best way to take the samples to do that using the same master every time?
    If not,wich is the best way to prove that the tester is doing the expected job?



    You want to know how well you can captur the variation in your fill operation across your specification range.Make up 10 samples that cover the span of your +/- specification, using pours from granuated beaker in your lab, or whatever way to have to get the amounts close (you are measuring R&R, not accuracy).The next step depends on whether you have actual manual operators, or if this is an automated measurement.



    We need measurements by different operators when neccessary. In several cases “repeatability analysis would be enough. For instance, you have one operator for a spesific measurement or one tester like in your case.
    In your case, it is also difficult to check “repetability” .
    You simly  need to keep fluid filling process under control.
    In my opinion, a capability analysis is neccessary at first. Then you can apply pre-control to keep fluid quantity variation under control.



    Repeatability : when the same parts are measured multiple times by the same operator . Reproducibility when the same parts are mesured multiple time by different operators.When you say that each part is different and there is no way that it can be meausred twice by the  same or different operator . I think a destructive GRR is appropriate in this case.
    Just a suggesation !!


    John Becque

    I work at Nissan Forklift.  We assemble forklifts at our facility.  We also bleed brakes and need a better way or a machine to make the brake bleeding faster.  Please Help!!
    John Becque
    Mfg Engineer



    Hector –
    I would look at performing an Interclass Coefficient Correlation (ICC) study.  You can look information up by Don Wheeler you could also send me your email and I could get you an excel worksheet that explains it.  What you primarily are doing is comparing the variation of a known standard with what you are measuring and see how much variation is attributable to measurement error either through the system or the gage – dependingon how you run the test. 
    You would take the reading off of your machine and then compare it to the amount you are getting out each time.  Easy test to use.  Works well in a lot of situations including things like inventory and transactional studies.

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