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    Please somebody to explain me what is Safe launch plan and how to implement it.
    I need comprehensive documentation about how to proceed.


    Launch what?


    Mike:A safe launch is one that involves a 31′ boat instead of a 32′ one.:)BTDT


    One step behind and one step to the left. They all know their place.


    Launch of new production…


    I hope you are from Automotive field..correct? Ford uses this terminology. This is nothing but extending your eye on the process even after PPAP run say for 6 months or so……


    Yes, I am in the automotive field.
    Not only Ford uses this terminology but also Chrisler for example.
    Safe Launch Plan (SLP) is implemented to verify product & process stability in an organized manner. SLP is also intended to be a learning period. Collected data will be monitored, analyzed and product & process adjustments should be made when is necessary.It should take place when new production is starting.I am interested if anybody has ever made such Plan? And will appreciate if he/she share his/her experience.


    In the situation of a safe launch plan in or out of the context of automotive manufacturing begins with the design process. Thinking you can figure it out at launch is still the test/inspection mentality. You can have as many DV, PV, etc runs as you want if the product is a garbage design there will be no safe launch plan.
    As far as the low volume builds to see if you are ready to run they are typically of marginal value. Suppliers know when you are running just like you know when you are running this small builds (and how often do you actually run a PV build just like you do in production?). You end up with what we called “Lab Queens” and they typically have little correlation with the real production runs.
    I have not seen the stuff from Statistical Design Institute (SDI) and Tom Cheek in a while but they used to have the only experienced based model that ran from concept to a full production run. There used to be some decent information on their website as well. If that doesn’t work they are presenting a workshop in Vegas this week and George and Jessie will be at the ISSSSSSSSSSP thing in Scottsdale at the end of the month.
    Just my opinion.
    Good luck

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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