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    Does anyone have experience with Safety SS projects (i.e. reducing injuries, accidents)?  I’ve been trying to quantify how to measure, identify X’s, etc. on a more upstream basis rather than post-accident when the damage is already done.  Any thoughts?



    Safety BB:
    This might be too simplistic but we have had success in our SS safety related projects by using this premise: preventing accidents and injuries before they happen is based on identifying the root cause of previous, documented accidents. Many injuries/accidents are not unique to individuals/company and occur in frequency. Back injury prevention was one of our projects. There is an abundance of information/data related to the number of occurrences, cost (to the company) of rehabilitation due to workman’s comp, insurance, etc. An example would be to look at back injuries within your company:
                            Root Cause                          Solution
                Poor Physical Condition
                            Overweight                – Weight Loss Incentives
                            Tight Muscles            – Stretching Exercises
                Poor Lifting Technique
                            Not using legs            – Training Seminar on Lifting
                            Not using handles       – Product Design Change
    Machine, automobile, hazardous chemical exposure, and other, related accident/injuries should have some data available to determine common/likely root causes.
    For this type of project(s) there shouldn’t be a shortage of opportunities (in dollars) or a shortage of data. As a starting point you may want to go to your company’s HR department to get information on medical claims, loss-time accidents, etc, that have associated costs (as a Safety BB you may already have access to this information?). I would also reference similar industries for injuries/accidents that may not have occurred (yet) at your company.
    The Define and Measure stages seem to be easier in this type of project. I can assure you that the Analyze, Improve, and Control stages are equally as tough as a non-safety related project!
    In reality, any benefit of doing a successful SS project is a cost avoidance but with historical data (occurrences/cost) the reduced risk is well worth the typically low-cost solutions.
     Good Luck in your endeavors…. OLD


    Been There, Done That

    With regards to Safety/Costs Root causes, you may want to add existing or pre-existing Cumulative Trauma injuries to your list. hypothetical example: A factory worker is doing brick work around his house on the weekend and injuries his back while doing heavy lifting. He returns to work on Monday and while properly lifting a one pound carton, he severly injures his back and is out for six months on Workmen Compensation. He lives in a State where Injury Trial Lawyers are as abundent as weeds and has found a good one along with the lawyer’s recommended Chiropractor. The latest Insurance Workmen Compensation report indicated that the incurred cost for the injury is $800,000 and it will possibly increase. Some other examples-Sports injuries and Carpal Tunnel but fill in the blanks.
    Been there done that



    You are absolutely correct! It is amazing (and sometimes sickening) what companies are saddled with when it comes to employees and their off-work related injuries!!! Good add BTDT!   OLD

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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