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    I have an issue on hand. The sales people don’t do much first 3 quarters and than in 4rth quater orders start pouring in. This creates a lot of burden on production. Sales force do it because of the year end incentives and bonuses attached to thier sales target and that behaviour is not changing. Kindly help and suggest how six sigma can support productions in a better way. I am looking for some concrete solutions to present to management and not simple talking and advices.



    Hai Mike,
    You already wrote in your message a solution: the problem  (as seen by you) is created by Sales that has to get to target in Q4.A simple (uncacceptable by Mgt?) solution is to arrange for Sales Quarter targets. Then your Year problem changes into a Quarter problem. If that is still too rough change it into a Month problem etc.
    Better is: make a description of Current and Wished situation (production). Make visible what the difference is in Money (or another CTQ/KPI that Mgmt is interested in). Then show them that Sales is part of the cause of the Current and other solutions cost more.
    Good luck, Remi



    Hi Mike – do you know for sure that Sales only do
    this because of incentives/targets etc or is that an
    assumption / perception?
    Have you asked them why there is an increase in
    Sales in Q4?
    I realise that you are already trying to look for
    solutions – but I would suggest you need to try and
    understand the problem much more before doing this.
    My suggestion would be to have some Sales folks come
    together with some Production folks (amicably).
    This in itself will start to form part of a solution
    – where Sales and Production talk to each other.
    (Can you imagine that?)Hope this helps
    Davy T



    Davy:  Good advice, but if you want it to get to the originator, you should post the reply to their post.



    Mike: First, you should investigate the cause/effect situation.  Could be due to year end bonuses, or another alternative could be that the product is a more discretionary item and customers may not make that type of purchase decision until late in the year when they have a better understanding of the budget (ever run into a situation where you or your customers start to spend like mad to eat up what’s left in the budget at the end of the year?).

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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