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    Need helps!!
    Anyone has any success story in the areas of Sales or Marketing. Trying to get our folks in these areas to involve in SS but was not successful so far.


    S M Chakrapani

    Dear Tim,
    In Sales & Marketing, the key result areas for most organizations are: (a) growth in sales, (b) growth in market share, (c) growth in distribution network, (d) reducing time to market, (e) reducing the time taken for the conceptualisation, design, engineering, manufacture and delviery of new products, (f) increase in price realisation and profitability, to name a few.
    There have been several success stories of the Six Sigma Methodology applied to Sales & Marketing. My team has taken up a project that uses the DMADV approach to a DFSS roadmap for designing a Sales Network. Before this, we had done a lead-time project that used the DMAIC approach to reduce time to market.
    As is the case with most projects, a Six Sigma Project for Sales & Marketing involves co-ordinated execution of cross-funcitonal responsibilities such as Sales, Marketing, MAnufacturing, Design and Engineering, Materials, etc. This implies that a Six Sigma project in Sales & Marketing can be concluded to fruition if it originates from the manufacturing plant of any organization.
    With best regards,
    S M Chakrapani ([email protected])

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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