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    Carl H

    I am chartering a project to reduce scrap rate due to patterning in our film cutting operation.  Basically, we produce supply rolls of film to “standard” widths and lengths the we “cut” the film to narrow widths/shorter lengths for individual customer orders.  Depending on how we cut the orders, there is often leftover film which is too narrow/short for futher use, which tends to become scrap.
    I am trying to estimate one “entitlement low scrap rate” based on theoretically how much film could be cut for the customer from each supply roll.  Its getting complicated with many combinations of widths/lengths being ordered by film type.
    Does anyone know of literature or software which may help with this “pattern optimizing” problem?  Or has anyone had a similar project and would be willing to share how they approched it.


    James A

    I was going to post a reply to this earlier, but was hoping that a more intelligent life form would have a go first.  I worked in a tannery for my year out during my degree and during that time the shoe manufacturers were trying to minimise waste from patterns cut from hides – so maybe that industry could provide some leads/info?
    Also, a similar problem exists for clothing manufacturers in getting the most material patterns out of cloth lengths/widths and minimising wastage there – so again maybe there is some existing bespoke software you could trial from that industry.
    Stamping operations must also have to consider similar issues?
    The other thought that crossed my mind is that since you are faced with a reasonably ‘random’ series of requests from customers, then you are in the same position as some retailers and so need to maintain a ‘stock’ (yes, I know stock is a bad word but bear with me) of pre-cut widths/lengths which will cover ‘normal’ demand and only leave you with the reduced ‘odds’ to cope with – I don’t know your industry so I could very well be talking garbage – but even so, something in my ramblings may spark an idea in someone else’s head?
    James A

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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