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    “The words ‘Segmentation and ‘Stratification’ are related but there is a difference.”
    Statements like these create confusion. Further, most people use these terms quite interchangeably.
    Webster’s Dictionary defines these terms as under:
    Segmentation (noun) – Any of the parts into which something can be divided.
    Stratification (noun) – To form or lay down in layers or srata.
    Strata (noun) – A horizontal layer, as one of a number of layers of rock of the same kind.
    Can anyone please explain these terms in Six Sigma context prescisely? No generalizations please….


    Mike Nellis

    I’ll take a stab…
    “stratified”- hiearchy example: the average yearly output of the plant is of a higher layer than the average yearly output of say, third shift or cell number 3 of 10.
    “segmented”- component of variation example: the total variation of a hole diameter can be “segemented” into various components. some (80%) of the hole diameter variation is attributed to spindle drift while the other variation (20%) is attributed to the drill wearing out.
    Hope this helps,

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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