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    Has anyone incorporated the use of self service applications, whether web or IVR, in any customer service projects?  If so, how did you measure the customer interaction with each system, and what type of tools did you utilize to redefine the business processes within these applications?


    Marìa D. Garcia Smith

    As a result of having analized call center service levels, we understoond, that may calls could have been self-served but customers rather than reaching an operator.
    We analized the reasons subscribers were calling and segmemt sef serving automation into several categories: Information, Real-time billing information, On-line purshasing  (prepaid card replenishment) and e-payment.
    The tools used to analize customer patterns were:
    A. Customer Service (CRM) application to understand why clients called. B. Websense Web based statistcal analysis tool to measure the exposure of webservices and current usage patterm. C. Core systems transactional log.
    The correlation of them all gave the hint that channels needed to be aligned (IVR, and Webservices and Interactive Kiosks as well).
    Customer needs and expectations were taken from both Clients as well internal customers for process improvement, cicle time requierements and so forth.
    May you need further details, pleas contact me directly at, and will greatly discuss further.


    Matt Leslie

    I, too, am interested in this topic re: Self-Service tools.  If anyone has additional info, I would be very interested in discussing.



    Looks like you’re about 6 years too late.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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