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    Rob Duivis

    When leading a sensing session/workout, the team determined a number of categories of problems. Each category has its own set of defects/problems. In order to make a pay off matrix to determine the category with the highest impact versus the lowest effort, you need to:
    1)Prioritize the category
    2)Determine from each defect/problem the impact vs effort
    There are several ways to do the calcualation, is there a preferred one and are there examples?
    Assuming you haev for example 5 categories with a total of 36 defects, over these 5 categories.



    One solution is to use a countermeasure prioritization approach. List all of defects in one column (can use excel). Next column would be your defect root cause (if you have made it that far), next column would be your proposed countermeasure to address each defect. Then a scoring methodology similar to FMEA: Impact on problem (1= low, 5=mid, 10=high), Ease of implementation (1=hard, 5=moderate, 10=easy), and then optional, mistake proofing potential (1=low, 5=moderate, 10=easy). Multiply the results across the row and then sort by the final score. This would be your prioritized action list.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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