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    As printers, we measure all of the attributes of the printed product as is practical, but some of the final assessments that are performed for fit-for-use quality can only be done by eye, and by feel. As one example, color. This is measured electronically, but the eye is actually more accurate, so the eye over-rules the electronic measurement. I can think of another industry, bourbon, where the final flavor of the batch is approved by a human tasting a sample. What is this type of “sensory” measuremnt and evaluation officially named? How can it be quantified and reviewed for accuracy? Thanks, Patrick 



    I think the field of your interest is called chemometrics. I met several practitioners using sensors for this type while attending one of Camo’s courses in Norway some years ago.
    They might be able to direct you to some suitable material, but there are chemometric websites on the net.As you mentioned, the use of sensory sensors is more of an art form.
    BTW why do you think the eye is more accurate? Have you calibrated everyone’s rods and cones :-)
    You can also use the Transfer Modulation Function to determine Image Quality. (A real transfer function not the Y=F(X) nonsense advocated by Harry Potter …)

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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