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    In general, how do service industry companies calculate their opportunites for defects? Is it the total number of opportunites for a defect to occur (function of the process) or is it the total number of opportunties that they can detect a defect occured (measurement function)? or something else all together?

    Thanks, hope someone can help.



    Jerry: Opportunities are only situations that matter to the customer and where you have the ability to be successful. There are an infinite number of possibilities to get things wrong, but only a limited number of ways to do things right.

    Take an example of a dry cleaner. The customer brings in their cleaning. You write up a ticket for the type of process to apply to each item (correctly writing the ticket = 1 opportunity, it’s either right or it’s not). You clean the items (correctly cleaning =1). You return the items to the customer (you correctly return the items = 1, you correctly charge the customer =1). For a total of 4 opportunities. Those are the things that matter to the customer. Anything else that you have to do (hang the items, convey the items to another location, sort the items, etc.) don’t matter to the customer.

    There are thousands of things that can go wrong, but if you do those 4 things correctly, you will have satisfied the customer. However, if you don’t do all the other things correctly, you subject the customer to possible dissatisfaction and/or higher costs (this is an overly simplified example, so please – no sniping by the peanut gallery).

    Hope this helps.



    There are one defect anyway ;) (dfdsbfss reported to moderator)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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