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    I am new to six sigma and lean and am trying to make a quick and significant impact in a banking CS centre. Can anyone help me cme up with some good ideas to get started and can anyone tell me how and where to start? So far I have sent an email survery to CS employees asking them for ideas/issues etc they have and am awiting responses.



    You probably want to start by understanding/analyzing the different services in your CS center.
    Define the problem; what you decide must be within scope.  Depending on your problem definition, your metrics should include all the information necessary to measure current state.
    Many customer service desk look at: volume of calls, response time and percentage of issues resolved at first call/first level.  You may improve on any.
    Also note:

    Collect data. (While waiting for response form CS employees, get some feed back from the customers)
    You may also use a QFD to translate the customer requirement into design requirement.
    Create categories for your data based on resolution and define your KPI s (key Process Inputs)



    Cheryl, I suggest you begin with your first line mngt staff. Find one who is willing to work with you then find his/her pain – what keeps them awake at night (relative to their work that is). Then go through the steps you’ve learned – Problem Statement, Objective Statement…….



    In our company, we also look at these stats:
    a. number of calls answered within x seconds (standard is within 20 seconds) 
    b. each agent is also tracked on the following: average number of minutes (talk time, HOLD time, break time, after-call work time) and reports submitted on time if they are required to submit any reports
    c. another thing we monitor is the performance level of different classification of agents (new hires, in training, passed certification, and those who are experienced).
    Hope these gave you some ideas.



    Our best practice is to be where the action is.  Sit with employees within the call center document their process times, understand their pain points and develop opportunity statements to review.  Choose the opportunitie’s that can be implemented quickly and at no cost to the CS/Division as well as the money savings obtained after implementation i.e. scripting in the beginning or ending of a call can save many secs totaling and depending on the size of the call center up to $50,000 or more.  Technology opportunities are the most difficult to implement, however, would always want to be brought forward for future enhancement taking into consideration the business line and division budget requirements and constraints.  With that said, in some instances the cost of the implementation may be less than the cost savings and that is a win win opportunity.             

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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