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    Fake Harry Alert

    Several Questions:
    Does Lean-SS belong to  the GB level or to  the BB-Level? 
    Should  the SPC be  a  part  of  the GB level or  the BB level?
    What are (in  brief) the  main  topics  of  the Yellow Belt level?
    Is  it  fair  enough  to perform YB/GB topics  in  just  one  week(5 days)? 
    Root causation should  be  considered  as part of  the  Yellow Belt level or the  White  Belt level?
    What  are  the main  differences  between the WB level  and  the YB level?
    What  are  (in  brief)  the  main  differences  between the BB level  and  the  GB level?
    Is it  fair  enough  to  complete  a  BB level in  just one  week (5  days)?
    Is  it  accepted  (professional-wise) to  permit a  trained BB to submit
    courses for YB/GB and BB levels?
    Which  is  better (professional-wise) to  introduce 3  types  of  SS courses (basic ,intermediate and  advanced) or 3 just  3  levels:YB,GB & BB?
    What  are  the  basic  requirements for  the  candidates (who  should  attend  those  workshops)?
    Appreciate  greatly  your informative  and  professional  feedback.
    Thanks  and  all best  wishes  for  the  new  year 2008 


    Fake Stan Alert

    I  think SS-Shooter,Brandon & Stan could give  you  some  answers.
    But  don’t  rely on  them,you  have  to  make  some  research and  you  will  find  the  answers.
    Good Luck


    Six Sigma Shooter

    Wow, that’s quite a list.  To give you my thoughts about the first two questions:
    1).  Lean and six sigma “belong to” the organization.  Everyone should be involved, not just the elite few – the “belts” – with each contributing according to the needs of the organization’s systems and processes.
    2)  SPC is like 1) above.  When and where appropriate, workers should be trained in the use and analysis of control charts.  The workers own them, not the elite few. 
    Happy New Year!


    Fake Darth Alert

    Some  answers:
    Lean-SS is  a  separate  issue ,can  be integrated  with  both levels.
    SPC is  part  of  both  levels.
    YB is  just  an  introdiction to  SS (1-2 days only)
    5 days  is  fair  enough  for  the YB/GB  level.
    RC is  a  basic  part  of  SS.
    Main  differences  between BB & GB are :DOE,ANOVA,Probability,Testing  for  statistically signifi change using variable/proportional  data & Non-normal  distribution,Linear  transfer  function,etc.
    An intensive  BB course  for  one  week is  fair  enough.
    A trained  experienced  BB can  perform  those  courses successfully.
    Suggest to go  for the  levels of  SS rather  than  the belt levels
    The  best  candidates for  those  courses  chould  be  engineers or  those  technical  persons  with  statistical  background,specially  for  the BB level.
    Hope  that  helps
    good  luck  


    Six Sigma Shppter

    Looking at the posts under this thread, are you answering your own questions?  The script looks strangely similar.


    Fake Six Sigma Shooter Alert

    Yes,it   looks   like it  being    the   same persons to  mee.



    Aaah, the extra spaces again…is that you Lolita?


    Fake ……… Alert

    Somebody  is  kidding  and  try to “copy & paste”.
    Thanks  for  your kind informative  feedback.
    Best  wishes  for  the  new  year 2008


    Fake Harry Alert

    Thank You Shooter for  your kind  prompt  reply.
    Awaiting for  your creative  thoughts.
    All  best  wishes  for  2008 

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