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    I’m Raajkumar doing Master of International Automotive Engineering in Germany. I’ve completed Six sigma yellow belt online certification. Now I’m planning to do official Six sigma Green belt certification.

    Please tell me “Is it worth to do this green belt certification as a STUDENT”?

    Is this certification will help me to get a job in the Quality field in future?

    I’m confused…because the certification costs around 300 usd, So if I spent this much money I want to know that “”””””whether it will worth it or not?
    Here somebody says, “This green belt and black belt certification will help you only if you are working in a particular company for getting promotion and salary increment”

    Can you please guide me?

    I’m waiting for your reply…

    Thank you.



    Whether or not certification is worthwhile is a frequently asked question and you’ll find much on this subject by searching this site. Any certification says that someone “certifies” that you have certain knowledge, experience, and ability. How much that matters to an employer depends on who says it. A certification that isn’t from a well-respected certifying body with stringent criteria isn’t worth much. That said, as a student you should consider what you will learn. What training materials and instruction will you get for your 300 usd?


    Mike Carnell

    Raajkumar Let’s try a different approach. Lets say you go through the training class and you walk away understanding the thought process (this is not about tools).

    Now you get a job in industry and it turns out you are pretty good at fixing problems because you have a problem solving methodology in your head that helps you organize and analyze data. If you can fix things this world will pay you money to do it. A good problem solver is always paid more because you are more valuable.

    If you are already a good at solving problems (not just your opinion but are you perceived that way by others – most people think they are good problem solvers) then don’t spend the money. Personally what you will get for $300 you can get for free on the internet. If you want a solid training program then you need to either enroll at Moresteam or compare what you think is good to Moresteam. If you want a stand up instructor there are a lot of companies that do it.

    Just my opinion.

    Just my opinion.

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