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    Girish J Deodhar

    What should be the targeted sigma value at the start of any six sigma project using DMAIC approach? Can any one decide on the target at the start of the project(Define stage)?



    It depends upon your project. It depends upon your metrics as well. What are you trying to reduce? Suppose you want to reduce the defective %age from 50 to 30; what will be number of defectives you will have at 30% in comparison to existing. If the existing process is at 2 sigma level, you can target the level you want number of defectives reduced. Go for process cp, and ppk.


    Girish J Deodhar

    Dear Sir,
    Thanks for the response. My query is can we state the targeted sigma value at the start of the project?As I understand from your message— When we want a reduction in defectives by 20% then we should co orelate the same with the probable sigma level.Is it that what you are intending to say?
    In a case where my sigma level is 1.5 and in a case where my sigma level is 3 then how should I set the target?


    Adam L Bowden

    Anup has a good point – choose the right metric. It would seem
    appropriate initially to not use a Sigma value for
    metric/communication purposes. If you are to be successful in
    reducing defects by say 20 % what metric would people in the
    process understand – would they understand % defects/defectives
    or would they grasp the concept of Sigma, 1.5 Sigma shift etc.
    From a maturity model deployment perspective ease in with %
    defects then as the workforce knowledge increases to the point
    where a significant portion of the workforce understands the Six
    SIgma techie lingo then move it over to Sigma metrics.My 2 cents worth.regards,Adam

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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