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    paul Allen

    I am looking for information regarding the setting up of cross functional project teams within a simultaneous engineering environment. I am interested in what different personalities best fit the various roles, what internal conflicts can occur ie peoples percieved status within the team and how people who work together but are given different agendas solve their disputes and gel to become an effective team capable of delivering complex projects succesfullyAny information is appreciated
    Many Thanks
    Paul Allen IEng MIIE


    Paul Gibbons

    Would like to help but not sure what mean by “cross functional project teams within a simultaneous engineering environment”?
    Are you a team leader in industry asking the question based on experience of a problem or is it a theoretical problem that you are investigating for academic purposes?



    Hi Paul,
    Maybe a good idea for you is to look at Meredith Belbins ‘teams & team behaviours’. Another thing to look at is the ‘team wheel’ (apologies for not reciting the author). Reading some of these works (plus i appreciate there are oodles of other excellent team characteristic / behaviour authors) will give you some insight into the kind of personality, strengths & weaknesses, abilities etc that will aid you in building up your team.
    Hope this helps



     Is already clear the scope of your project ? If so, both the project manager and team leader could come from that specific area, because within engineering it is quite often that people with just managerial or general background aren’t well accepted. Are you talking about a virtual team across dpts with reports to their functional manager or a real team full dedicated to project with full report to team leader ?
    About personalities, it depend by the scope of your project. A project manager must have its specific profile, while team leader its own. The engineers could be suitable as technical skill, but with team working inclination.
    Rgs, Peppe

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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