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    I’m an italian university student (informatic engineering). I’m writing my final graduation work about six sigma;I have already written five chapters about quality and six sigma method.Now I have to write the final chapter about an application (better in italy)of six sigma. I don’t find some implementation and improvement documentation in some italian company case.Please someone can help me?
    Thank You everybody Ciao!



    Ask AISS ( Accademia Italiana Six Sigma) . On their home page there are no more phone numbers : start by email .



    Ricky,      similar questions have been already asked (and answered) within this Forum.
          For examples, take a look at:
    Hope this helps,


    Participant Six Sigma stifle Innovation?
    Submitted by Anonymous on 1 August, 2007 – 06:44.I’m a Black Belt since 7 years and I had the opportunity to work in several project and areas:; manufacturing , supply chain, customer loyalty and R&D projects. Apparently it could seem that the rigid structure of six sigma may limit creativity and innovation, but actually is not . A simple exercize like brainstorming in improve phase is very creative. Pattern breaking tool usage during brainstorming also help a lot in generating ideas out of the box. The main problem i see in six sigma projects is that people have the tendency to close in the office and work alone in the project, this could be the real limit. In fact innovation to me mainly start from the team, idea comparison and from the ability of the belt to create a smoothing environment of open mind and cooperation.
    regards,Claudio Luppi (Polyurethane Systems – Analytical)
    E-Mail:[email protected]
    Dow Italia s.r.l.
    Società soggetta all’attività di direzione e coordinamento
    della The Dow Chemical Company


    Ylenia Codastefano

    Hi Ricky!
    I’m am an Italian student, too. (Economic Science Faculty at the University “La Sapienza” – Rome). I am studying the Lean Six Sigma methodology for my graduation examination like you.
    I suggest you to looking for courses and seminars in Italy: in their program you can often find names of italian company who adopt  6Sigma methodology and their responsibles!
    My teacher ask me to add a paragraph to emphasize why application of this methodology is convenient to adopt from the point of view of:- engineers (like you!!!)- economist experts- management team.Could you suggest me articles, bibliography or simply Yours opinions about this? 
    Hoping we can help each other! (I’m sorry for my English… what do you think about writing in Italian?)


    Fake Stan Alert

    I  advise  you  to  start  doing  your  own  home-work.
    Have  observed  that  you  have  asked  everybody  to  help  you,and  even  you  don’t  bother  to  appreciate or  evaluate other’s  efforts in  this  regard.
    Try  to  put  some  minimum  efforts  ,try  to  understand  that great  stuff you  have  now,instead of  “shouting”  for  help  and  assistance.
    Afterall you  should deserve  your  certification.
    Please  stop your “baby-attitude” and work  hard.
    Don’t  utilize  your  cute  Italien  name  to  attract more  assistance.
    Give  some attention  and  minimum  respect  to  those  who  sent  you materials,etc.
    Work  hard  to  deserve  your  certification .
    Good Luck

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