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    James A

    Can anyone out there help?
    We are a 1st tier automotive supplier now in the process of rolling out the 6S basics to our manufacturing staff, and could really do with a high-level (no Babel fish required) overview of what 6S is all about – no stats, minimal acronyms, and “this is why we have to do it” type presentation. 
    Has anyone out there already done something similar, and if so can they let me have a copy?  It seems crazy to reinvent something that already exists.  Anything in PowerPoint or Word would be appreciated. 
    If nothing exists, and I end up creating from scratch, is anyone interested in an ‘as is, no strings, for distribution/editable’ version for their use??
    Please respond initially to this forum, so we can all measure response/need.
    Thanks in advance.
    Watch out for the mice.
    James A

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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