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    In looking to grow our Six Sigma efforts, the following questions were raised in a leadership awareness training session.
    Has anyone experienced (if any exist) outside attorneys utilizing Six Sigma data or projects as discovery items in litigation?  Do you enroll your Corporate Law and Reg areas on project teams for protective purposes? 
    I’d also be interested in applications of DMAIC within a Law & Regulation area.


    Matt M

    We haven’t experienced it yet, but the question has been raised about capability.  If we request a capability study and it is accepted, does that mean we accept liability/cost for any product that does not meet specification?  Even in a 6 Sigma process there will be 3.4 ppm defects, so do you accept the cost for them if you accept the capability?
    Our answer is no, we still have our audit plans and if defects are found we follow our normal procedures for rejection/quarantine/recall/etc.
    Good question, I look forward to some other answers.



    Good question- I am GE certified MBB, Honeywell certified MBB, and have a JD … so I’ve been looking for the Six Sigma/Law intersection for some time. Lots of opportunities in the area of Compliance, but I haven’t seen a lot in the Litigation angle, mostly because I don’t directly work in that area … so hopefully your thread will get the ball rolling and others will chime in. I’m very interested !


    Tseumogne Noumodje

    We do extensive work in using six sigma as a tool for evaluation of, management of litigation and evaluation and management of litigation resources, including personell and dollars, for corporate clients and in the management of our litigation group. For Corporate Counsel we frequently help restructure the in house law department utilizing six sigma. The task is so similar to six sigma in a manufacturing setting it is scary. Cost savings run 15-20% and case load of outside counsel run 25 -40%. Generally there is no downsizing in house but substantial  reductions of the utilization of outside counsel.
    If you want to discuss call me at 212- 756-0325

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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