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    Regarding the Article by Mr. Gack
    The article validated the differences that I’ve been promoting over the recent weeks. However, I do not agree that that they are ever mutually exclusive. Every mature and well educated project manager in both BPI and PMI understands that BPI compliments and enhances the business case development, planning, execution, and the monitoring and controlling process groups in the PMBOK. The SixSigma methods enhance and compliment PMBOK. For example the end product is not just a physical product it is the final deliverable the project team delivers when complete. It can be a product, service, internal improved service or process. Everything is connected to the final deliverable and who is affected. Many small BPI projects (and I emphasize the word project) never get off the ground because the project owner does not have an understanding of how to gather resourses, correctly analyze stakeholders, achieve buy-in, communicate effectively, etc.. These principles can be improved by understanding PMBOK. The mature PM understands the concepts of fast-tracking, rolling wave, overlapping phases, and scaling the project’s controls needed to the size and scope of the project. In conclusion, managing any project needs project discipline to produce a quality final deliverable.

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