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    i am new to this forum and site,i thought of having opinion on how six sigma could be useful or on the ideas how six sigma could be implemented in this feild.
    most of my work goes into inviting queries into new parts ,then developing them and streamlining vendor’s time plan and processes .
    Confusion is how six sigma can be used as umbrella program to cover all parties ,or individual cases should be taken.
    Any suggestions/ideas, seroius ones only.



    Dear Ashwin: Welcome to the forum!
    One way to cover all parties – all should be talking the same language or be at the same wave length and use the same yard stick. What I think you need is a common system for all. A common system for all your vendors: and you need to be one step higher than them. So that you can view each vendors collectively or individually. It is possible on the Internet/LAN.
    You can use umbrella programs like Six Sigma, APQP or others to achieve your objective. On the Internet/LAN you should be able to see your vendor’s time plan and more importantly the processes not on the  occurance of an event but on the proactive basis.
    You can monitor individual cases but at the expense of costs and resources and that might not be desirable in long run as standardizing and managing all in a single system and method would be more objective and productive.
    If you can place a system in place you will find it easy to monitor all your vendors and you can rank them on the criterias you set ! You can weed the bad from the good ones.
    Hope that is serious enough ! Dominic



    Thanx Dominic
    I am already into all these tools like APQP and Web enabled follow ups
    what i wanted to ask ,what objectives (common yard stick) like u mentioned  would this progarm have
    Dealing with vendors on development have issues like
    1.timely deliveries to the action plan
    2.quality issues
    sitting in a sourcing office what should be contol objectives & parameters and then mechanism.I have some crieterias and i do rank them on those parameters.Primarily Quality , Cost and Deleiveries being the major ones.
    In short how six sigma as a strategy or what project work i would take and whether with the existing tools what i am working on i can improve the process of VD & monitoring.
    thanx for your eloborate reply , lets go into the details .



    Ashwin: The common yeard stick is to be defined by you. You use this to evaluate all your vendors. You can either have a precise/specific or general measure for quality and time.
    Then you can stipulate that Six Sigma project tools must be used in their processes (eg SPC and FMEA must be used in the processes) or other tools for delivery and quality issues. Or you can give them a free hand ……….do anything but put Six Sigma in place. For a certain quality issue you stipulate DOE must be used.
    At the same time you develop a training list based on the GB and BB over a period time. That way you could train, help to improve the VD and monitor them. 
    You can use SS as a strategy on your vendors by encouraging them to use it (and also provide training and support the vendors with the means). If you can extend the system you are currently working on to your vendors then that could be the way forward.
    I have coordinate a team of 16 vendors in an APQP program on a similar objective to yours for 12 months.Contact me for project details at :
    info at ict hypen m dot com or HP + 6 0 12 474 7473
    Cheers !

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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