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    Anna M

    I am debating about submitting a affidavit to ASQ. Since I have been using lean and six sigma for over 6 years, I have a lot of projects and figured I should explore submitting an affidavit and taking the exam. But I am having a hard time understanding what they are looking for or if my projects count.

    Here are a couple of projects I was thinking of submitting:
    *Excessive high costs in free shipping increased gross margin (Saved $150k per year by creating statistical threshold and approval process)
    *Vendor Invoicing is time consuming and inaccurate (Reduced time and financial leakage)

    Are these good black project ideas? Should I take a formal training to get my application across the line? Or can I project manage myself?



    Since you have success stories, why not just submit? The worst that can happen is rejection, and they should tell you why. I assume you aren’t an ASQ member. You could join or make some contacts in your nearest Section where you can get advice or find a mentor. Formal training is a good idea but since you’re experienced you should be able to do well with exam preparation materials from ASQ or the Quality Council of Indiana. Why not spend a few bucks to confirm that you’re ready, or that you have more to learn?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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