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    “Master Black Belt” means one thing in one company, and something quite different in another.  “Six Sigma” has the same problem.  There is real Six Sigma, and there is sorta Six Sigma, so be careful.  Doing Six Sigma was the best career choice I ever made.
    Denton Bramwell
    Sr. Master Black Belt
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    I am currently working as a V.P. of Product Development for a software company, and have worked in IT for 18 years.  I have worked as a software architect and management consultant, so I am very good at project management and system analysisi work.  In addition, I have mentored many technical people and leaders.
    I have the opportunity to work as a Master Black Belt for a large company.  I am unsure if I should go this direction in my career.  I worry about not having enough creativity.  I worry about having to deal with politics, when coaching others and moving the group to new processes, etc.  I worry about true buy-in into Six Sigma.  I worry about being compartmentlized into Six Sigma, or quality. 
    What do you think?  Was it a good career move for you? 



    I currently work for a large corporation as a Black Belt who works closely with MBB’s.  I can tell you that working for a large corporation will definitely bring with it political bureaucratic red tape.  It is unavoidable in a large corporation with multiple layers fo management.  I would suggest looking into how your role as MBB would be responsible for driving change in the organization.  Some companies utilize MBB’s stricly as a coach and trainer, while others utilize MBB’s as the influential member to work with the business.  As a negotiation tactic, you may be able to build your requirements into your position.
    If this company is relatively new to Six Sigma, you will experience a lot of push back until there are some demonstrated success stories.  As far as creativity goes, there are two sides to that coin.  In a corporation, you may be able to find a creative solution to a difficult problem.  Your creativity will be stretched farther by influencing the business and finding alternative solutions that can deliver similar results.
    Good luck to you.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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