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    Hi There,

    I will preset my first six sigma case study in Corporate Functions and I need some help to get started with. I need a company example that use that application in order to project the following:
    1- Reducing time for monthly closing
    2- Decreasing patent-filing time
    3- Reducing time for hiring process
    4- Increasing response rate of employee survey
    5- Increasing the accuracy of tracking of assets

    In order to present the case study, I will need to DMAIC the case study. Any source to the company would be helpful to get the data.

    Thank you all.



    This is far too broad for any of us to provide a case study or any other help. Do some research on this site and elsewhere about the many problem areas you cite, come up with a specific problem statement, and then maybe someone here can give advice. My advice to you at this point is to write a problem statement that SPARCs. It should be Specific, Proven to exist, Assessable (Measureable), Relevant (both to customer needs and business objectives), and Changeable (It is within your power to do it differently). Until you do that you aren’t ready to start a project or even find a case study.


    As Strayer correctly mentioned that these are very broad objectives. It is imperative to first break down each of your individual statements that you mentioned into the following:
    1. What is the current state of affairs
    2. Where is the problem/gap that you would want to fix
    3. Measure your goal with a target % or any quantitative measurement criteria
    4. Identify the goal : What you would achive when the problem is resolved
    5. Know your major milestones, timelines and stakeholders
    6. State what is the scope – In scope and out scope
    7. Assumptions if any…

    Start to pen this for each of the individual items you listed. If you sense these can be merged with a common goal or objective then go ahead as one. But If you ask me, after gauging the quantam of impact, you can pick them as separate cases to present.


    I’m workinig on Unbiased quality control for healthcare organizations using lean six sigma method and I dont have any database for this subject.Can you give me your database or any suggestion.


    Katie Barry

    Azadeh Please search the site and you will find many example of Lean Six Sigma applied to healthcare organizations.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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