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    was just going thru the lead story on certification. a small query :-
    my organisation is not six sigma certified and doesnt intend applying for the same for years to come. we as black belts have not being issued any certificates after having completed a BB training (but are doing BB projects following  six sigma rigour). now does that mean we cant/ should not be look out for career opportunities outside our organisation as the employer would ask only for certified BBs? and in such a case how sensible is it to pursue this line in my current organisation which would end up narrowing down my job opportunities?.


    Charles Waxer

    Anon,Just to clarify one point in your first sentence, there is no certification for a company (as a whole) to say that it is Six Sigma certified. You either are a practicing Six Sigma company (like GE), or you dabble in it but really aren’t committed to it (like Citigroup).No certification is ever issued for Black Belt training only. It usually entails training, some time period of practice, successfully completing some number of project(s), and taking a test. Usually the consulting company would certify the first wave of those trained.With or without your certification, you can look for other Six Sigma opportunities outside your company. Again, from my point of view it’s what you know and not what certifications you have. Pedigree is nice, but real benefits that you’re going to offer my company is the most important part. Many job postings say “Six Sigma Certified Black Belt” as a requirement; if that’s the case, you are not qualified to apply. If you knew your stuff and you know someone in the company you are applying for a job, you might be able to get around the certification qualification.Black Belt certification would not narrow down you job opportunities. What’s to say that you can’t get your certification and then continue in your finance, human resources, or [fill in any function] role. In my opinion, Six Sigma training and certification will add to any career, making you a more well rounded leader.Good luck with your company,Charles Waxer

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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