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    Dear All,
    We are in the process of Six Sigma capability development at our organization. We have found that the people are more interested in getting recognized with some belt certification apart fron the Financial and other recogniations they get from the association in the Six Sigma journey. Since we have started about a year back, we can not have sevaral number of projects for each and every person to get a GB training and certification. At the same time, we need to cater the motivational need of the people as well.
    Hence we have decided to go down stream in belt levels, like White and Yellow belts below GB and a recognition to the Champion for driving the individual project as well. Now that we are stuck up at the right criteria for selection, training and evaluation of performance of the individuals who work as WB or YB for a particular project.
    Can somebody put some more light on our problem.
    Samir Kolte



    Hi Samir,
    I feel its more sensible if u base u’r organisation’s 6 sigma upgradation on no. of projects than on belts.
    I mean instead of promoting a WB to YB just for the sake of employee satisfaction, it is definitly better to promote a GB to BB after a certain no. of projects say 10-15. 
    Anyways this is only my view from my experience, hope others may hv better suggestions for u
    Thank You

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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