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    SS Ray

    I’m currently working in a Japanese company. This company is a 300 million in sales in Auto Industry. The company is trying to deploy a Six Sigma Organization. Here’s the problem:
    1)Β He (the Manager I’m reporting to, thinks that he does not need to know everything about Six Sigma.
    I suggested him to go for a seminar to learn what six sigma is all about. He replied that “Why does he has to go for seminars when there are books available?”
    And now, I’m working on two projects at the same time (which I know is wrong). Not only that, I was pressured to meet the completion target date that were established by HIM in 1 1/2 months. In addition to that, I’m doing some VA (Value Analysis) which I have little information about their products. The work is overwhelmed and it worries me because I’m in a position where it will indicate the six sigma project is not a good idea for this company. What should I do?


    Cal H.

    SS Ray,
    It sounds like your in a tough situation, and without all the details of your specific situation no one if completely qualified to comment on it.
    Having said that, here are my thoughts
    * Two projects at the same time is not wrong. I have many black belts working at least 2 projects at the same time, as well as coaching 5-10 green belts on their projects. I’m not sure why you think it’s wrong to multi-task…when one project is gathering data, you could be in the analyze or improve phase of your second project.
    * You’re doing a VA analysis on products you know nothing about? Welcome to consulting. It’s your job to learn, understand, make conclusions and report. You’ve been identified as a potential leader of your business by being asked to be a black belt — it’s a tough job and only the cream of the crop will rise to the top.
    * Deadlines are always tough, whether they’re Six Sigma related or not. I have seen full Six Sigma project completed in 1.5 months. Scope is the major issue associated with the timeline.
    * If the failure of one project will impact whether Six Sigma is “right” for your company or not, I would say that your company is not implementing Six Sigma. There will always be low performers and high performers in the organization. Just because an employee fails to meet objectives does not mean that the entire organization is destined for failure.
    You seem like a bright individual. I suggest you buckle down and keep focused on the tasks at hand. You may also want to seek the guidance (mentor, coach) of someone more senior in the organization that can assist you with the Six Sigma tools and your company’s culture.
    Best of luck to you.


    SS Ray

    Thanks,That’s all I need. For now, I’m the only individual who knows the six sigma tools. But thank, I really do needed your support. Have a nice day.



    SS Ray ,Why don’t you go through this link : discuss it with your boss ?It might help in solving quite a few problems that you’re ( facing ) about to face before starting your SS Projects.I have found the article simple and very useful.RegardsA.B

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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