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    Is this true ? (From
    “In copiers and printers, Xerox ranks lower in quality than competitors Canon, Toshiba, and Hewlett-Packard, yet it proudly trumpets its Six Sigma legacy back to the 1980s. In wireless phones, quality varies by region, but Sprint PCS ranked highest only in the West; it tied in the Northeast with Verizon, which had “fewer problems experienced with static/interference.” Nonetheless, quality consultancy Six Sigma Systems cites Sprint as a major client.
    In boats (!), Larson Boats ranks last in a field of 11 companies that make express cruisers. It has two Six Sigma black belts on staff and boasts, “Quality isn’t something we add at the end of the line!” And in cars, Ford stayed below average in the recent Initial Quality Study, despite its companywide policy in 1999 to adopt . . . well, you-know-what. Once again, the highest quality ranking went to Toyota — a company that had to learn about Six Sigma from the CDU”

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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