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    Is it possible to apply 6 Sigma to a engineering department – if once has been shown that there are the most QTC????

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    Not sure if this is the same issue but I think is certainly related.
    How successful has DMAIC been when used in product development areas to address quality in current product?
    Product development may not have ownership of manufacturing processes. The processes are in the manufacturing departments, suppliers and customers.
    Anyone have any experiences?


    Joe Perito

    Common problems found in Engineering Departs include:
    engineers do not know how to do tolerance engineering and,in fact, routinely design non optimum tolerances into their product and processes. This reduces production efficiency, increases waste and rework, increases customer returms, creates assembly problems, reduces reliability, and more. Engineers generally do not know what sample size to take for their experiments. This delegates their development decisions to guess work. Once experimental data has been produced from prototypes or pilot runs, most engineers do know know how to analyze data statistically. Therefore they are guessing at what the data means. Most engineers think a regression value of r=0.80 is a resonably high correlation factor and have no idea what a coefficient of variation (COV) is that tells them otherwise. All quality experts agree that the cheapest and fastest way to develop a product is with concurrent engineering so that mistakes and “re-engineering” is advoided… of course, this is NOT the way most engineering departments work. Do you see how six sigma procedures and statistical training might help Engineering? Lets takes the question down to a very basic or intuitive level: isn’t two heads better than one? The extra thinking heads can be input from other departments, and/or, it can be statistical knowledge formerly not known or used.


    Al Hladis

    Yes, you can use Six Sigma in an engineering department. I am a transactional SS BB. There are many opportunities to apply the methods.
    Improve timing of Change Management systems.
    Reduce waste in meetings, paperwork, etc.
    Reduce “hidden factory”; fixing other people’s mistakes
    Improve Design function
    Drawings quicker.
    Pick a particular task and engineer does and improve it.
    Eliminate useless tasks.
    Right first time engineering and design.
    The list goes on..

    Then you can get into Design for Six Sigma, which is a totally separate program to apply Six Sigma principles to the product design.



    forget it — engineers are untrainable

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