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    muhammad sajid nadeem

    dear sir can we apply six sigma techniques on erp’s like sap i want to apply six sigma to improve the process and quality is it possible.if yes then how please guide me


    Shelby Jarvis

    As with all projects, first understand the problem. Is it quality of data? You and your business team should define this as it will help you define the scope and the team to help with the resolution.

    You can/should validate that the system is correctly implemented, but the root cause of your problem likely is within the processes or teams generating the information and/or inputting the information.

    Define your problem based on the business impact.

    Collect real data and analyze it in a way to help you learn:
    * Are the errors incorrect information or are they data entry related?
    * What is your highest frequency of errors?
    * etc

    Once you have collected the data and have an understanding of your biggest impact, analyze the data to assure you are focused correctly and that you are detecting the problem.

    Based on this, you and your team should be able to generate ideas and potential solutions. I encourage you to get input from stakeholders and perform risk analysis prior to implementing change. You may find that IT can open a “sand box” for you to pilot your potential solutions.

    Validate your improvements, make the changes, and communicate the new business results.

    This is high level and fast, but it should get you started.



    As you know, ERP systems are not “plug and play”. You have to really understand your business processes so you can configure the system properly. This is a learning process and it may be the greatest part of the work. You may think that you know your business processes. Don’t underestimate how little you really know. I’ve seen more than one ERP project struggle because people assumed they knew how their documented processes worked and they didn’t do adequate analysis. Six sigma tools can be valuable for this, first because they help you to understand your processes and second because they help you to identify hidden flaws that you really don’t want to build into your ERP implementation.


    Arun sathish RS

    It is a Common problem solving tool we can apply any the concept any were



    DMAIC is ideal for enterprise software deployment projects such as ERP. I have successfully utilized the same in managing changes and updates to an enterprise GRC solution for a very large federal govt client.

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