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    Rossihan Jaafar

    How to implement Six Sigma in the Healthcare IT Program/Project Management? Does anyone have the experience in implementing Six Sigma for their Healthcare IT projects. Hows does Six Sigma benefits the Program/Project Management?


    Michael Cyger

    @Rossi I think a lot of companies wrestle with how to implement Lean Six Sigma in information technology, but it’s no different than any other IT group aside from perhaps the regulatory requirements (which you will have in other industry like financial services, etc.).

    Rob Tripp wrote an article about a survey we published in iSixSigma Magazine in the past that I think is revealing:

    LSS benefits project IT projects in healthcare IT just like any other function within in an organization: increased efficiency, decreased defects, lower costs, etc.

    Are you having trouble seeing how exactly to apply it to IT? Do you need some examples, for instance?

    You can browser through these examples that iSixSigma has published, including some that are IT related:

    Let us know more specifically what you need assistance with and I’m sure more people will chime in.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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