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    New to Six Sigma

    Hello All,Does anyone have information on how to apply Six Sigma or DFSS to Marketing & Business Development processes? I would appreciate examples, any projects, advice, literature, etc.Thanks,Alex



    Hi Alex
    I was responsible for some projects with my former employer (GE Healthcare) where six sigma principles were applied routinely in marketing. 
    The tools were used to quantify and publish research (in well established journals) to strengthen marketing claims of product leadership wrt competitor product performance. The customers were responsible for the study. We only helped them design and use six sigma principles as required. Of course, the product in question was a winner.
    For instance, the customer proved that the radiation dose of our equipment was x% lesser than the radiation dose of a competitors all things being equal. (Similar patient populations, standardized procedure, same operator, etc. )
    Such publications presented at national conferences really helped build the credibility of our product over time and provide a sense of market leadership. Also the sales folks were provided access to the publications and training  to be able to talk knowledgeably to future customers.
    I hope this helps!



    Alex –
    I have a few case studies I’d be happy to share — please provide your contact info, and I can send to you.
    The cases include applying kaizen to develop an integrated sales and marketing methodology for a pharmaceutical company; using value stream analysis to validate, improve, and align a consulting company cross-functionally around a new business development strategy; and applying process mapping and measurement to increase quality and reduce variability in 6 macro-processes (Contact to Contract) at a marketing materials company.
    There are also some articles in Velocity Magazine, published by the Strategic Account Management Association which address this topic and are specifically tailored to the marketing and BD audience.
    If any of this sound helpful, let me know and I will get you some materials.
    Nedra, 414-203-8085


    Heekwon Lee

    I would be grateful if you could send me detailed information on applying Six Sigma for new business development.
    Thank you very much.



    I too have been asked to give insight on how Six Sigma can be used in the business development process. Our Contact to Contract process is 1 – 2 years (government). Any information you could provide would be helpful.
    My email is: [email protected]

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