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    I am doing a project where I am trying to implement a six sigma framework for the telesales process. The telesales process here is used for lead generation. has anyone done anything similar or can give me an idea on how to go about it?i know the usual tools of DMAIC…in this case, my Y has to be increased from x to y leads per month. and my X has many including training given to the telesales agents, length of campaign etc…it is at this point tat i am stuck, can anyone guide me on how to go about further with this?thanksarjun



    Possible option:
    You need to reduce your Xs to the most critical either by C&E matrix or FMEA actions. Once you arrive there you could do a DOE, using a pilot with for example two different approaches, meaning there is a variation in the input factors leading to a different respons (probably). So one team uses a certain strategy, where input X1=high; the other team is using X1=low (for example an agressive approach versus a friendly service approach). The DOE will give you the information how to maximize the leads.


    Tom Weston

    Six Sigma for telesales! That’s a tall order and not necessarily using the right tool.
    Don’t look at the process – well not yet. Understand the business environment you are operating in. Understand your clients needs want and desires (PEST – Political, Economic, Social & Technological).
    Now comes the hard part – People make decision based upon emotion and then justify with logic!!!
    So the real question you must ask is: does your message match the need, wants and desires of your clients – ask yourself what’s in it for them – promotion, money, easier life and the winner by a long mile sex – with more money and self confidence the client can enjoy better relationships with the other sex…the essence of all advertising.
    Start off with knowing your clients, their problems, their needs and what’s in it for them. Craft your message around what you’ve just found out and test and then test again and again.
    Now you can start designing a telesales process – I would do it on a Lean Six Sigma basis – give it a go, find what works and then refine…
    Best of luck

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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