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    My company is just starting out on a Six Sigma implementation in the IS&T function and I want to help them set some “big goals” for delivery over the next three years.  What examples do you have that could help me?  What Six Sigma goals has your company set for IS&T?  What has your company achieved in the first three years of implementing Six Sigma in IS&T?



    What is IS&T ? Can you elaborate on that.
    Many of the questions u have asked are very confidential for anyone to disclose. You may state the purpose of your functional area from your organisation’s perspective. We can then discuss on what needs to be deliverables from Six-Sigma point of view.



    Apologies.  IS&T is our Information Technology (computer hardware and software support and development) department.  My questions are aimed at finding some real life examples which I have struggled to do so far in the wider internet.


    sathish chandran

    Six sigma goals for an IT organization should be alingned on the following;
    1) The Business vision of the company
    2) The IT users of the organization
    Form the business vision perspective the goals would be;
    1) Consolidation of systems,
    2) Maximize returns on IT investment
    3) Optimization of IT
    4) Lead time to scale up
    From the IT user perspective it could be;
    1) Maximize up time of IT infrastructure
    2) Predictability of failures
    3) Increasing the MTBF of systems
    4) Virus management
    5) Data Management
    The metrics could vary depending the business you are in and your current capabilities.
    Hope the above meets your requirement.
    with regards
    sathish chandran


    Sampath Kumar, Pendela

    Hi Shed,
    Six Sigma goals for any division or company must be aligned to the Vision for the division
    From the Vision, Identify Key Business Drivers
    From the Key Business Drivers, Identify Critical Business Processes
    From the Critical Business Processes, Identify Pain Areas by having Brainstorming session with relevant functions/sub-groups in the division.
    Takeup each Pain Area as a Six Sigma Project.
    Coming to specific examples in IT, you can look at the following,
    Service Provider’s point of view:
    1) Reduce/Eliminate araising of Incidents
    2) Reduce cycle times for various types of Incidents
    3) Increasing of  % of incidents solving through Remote Support
    4) Reduction of repeat calls %
    5) Cost Reduction of Total Cost of Ownership per seat.  Do water fall for per seat cost and then select which are the areas in which you can reduce the cost.
    6) Optimization of critical IT equipments like Servers, Network devices
    7) Intorduction of new technologies/tools to reduce the cost
    8) Outsourcing the support for lower end equipments like desktops

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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