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    Hello to all of you

    Do any of you know of a hospital in San Francisco area?

    Any help in that regard is highly appreciated!

    I have…
    Googled for hospitals who deploy Six Sigma in the San Francisco area, and in contacted which a hospital who deploy Lean as their quality programe.

    I have been searching this forum, and found a 3 year old thread in hear, but they didn’t knew of any at that time.

    Trying to IHI mail but they havn’t replyed yet in 2 weeks.

    I am trying to…
    Help a Danish hospital, who are considering to deploy Six Sigma as part of their quality program. The CEO is going to a conference in the San Francisco area at the end of this month. They would be highly interested to discuss the implication in deploying Six Sigma in a healthcare setting before they make the dission to do it or not.

    Regards Mikkel

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