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    Nagaraj Kini

    We have taken up a project in HR as “Improving the Employee Satisfaction Index”. Does anybody has carried out six sigma project on this topic?


    George Xia George Ha

    Following points are important:
    What we use for measure the employee satisfaction? What is the current performance, baseline? How the performance level we target?What is the differnece between now and future? What action should we take to fill the gap?
    Good luck!
    George Ha (George Xia)
    Consultant – HR, BSC, 6 Sigma


    Nagaraj Kini

    We are thinking of conducting an “Employee satisfaction survey” to measure the employee satisfaction & to know the current performance level. As we never carried out these kind of surveys in the past, we don’t know our present level & what should be the target performance level. Is there any other method to know the present level of employee satisfaction? Can anyone help me in framing the survey questionnaire?



    let me give you specific inputs than talking like a typical consultant
    – we use standardised gallup GWM and Q 12, you may also list down some inputs which govern employee sat, example : job profile, laid down processes and clarity of what needs to be done, salary, good manager (mentors, leaders, etc), good culture (openness etc), ethical brand of organisation, development path laid down, friendly HR policies etc etc etc.
    – if you don’t have standardised questionnaire which have construct and content validity, then easiest one is to get the inputs through brainstorming among key top management people, rank them in priority, then construct the questionnaire with each parameters being measured by atleast 3 questions
    – pilot test it on sample and see if the data collected indicates the same ranking as being given by top management, if yes, you are measuring what needs to be measured. (top management of course is a part of the population), if you can manage brainstorming from randomly selecting people across departments across levels nothing like it
    – once you have established validity of the questionnaire get it filled by all
    – data then needs to be analysed across departments, across levels for all parameters which effect employee sat, action points might straight be derived from indicators or one level drill down might be required
    feel free to contact me on [email protected] in case of any clarifications
    hope this helps


    Karthik Surya

      we plan to take up this issue as” improving and monitoring employee satisfaction” by creating a metric sort of a thing.
    if we could coordinate we can exchange a lot of ideas


    Kamal Ibrahim

    Dear all,
    we conducted such index,
    and we are welling to provide and share it tp every body
    [email protected]


    nila nayak

    After doing the analysis of the employee satisfaction survey, how do we find out the satisfaction index?

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