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    I work for an ad agency that caters to the online space and I am in-charge of quality assurance for all the creatives that we generate. I would like to know if it is possible to apply six sigma methodology to our line of business. We are however not in a position to hire a consultant. What are the prerequisites and what should be the first step?



    dear anu,
    prerequisites for implementation of six sigma. Check the acceptance levels
    – is management too keen on it (even if they are keen don’t initiate)
    – are they willing to provide support in terms of devoting time and enforcing at times on others
    if they are then
    – get some basic hang of DMAIC methodology. Its not a rocket science, so don’t feel scared at any given point of time
    – get the objectives clear from management- what are they trying to achieve, what are the pain areas
    – define the customer requirement (customer =anybody who receives output of the process)
    – initiate projects
    kind of projects that i can think of coming out of the work that you undertake (quality assurance for all creatives that are generated)
    – increase recall % of creatives
    – create visibility index (perceptual registering of brand name and content)
    – enhance repeat business from existing clients
    – reduce time to deliver creatives
    – errors and rework / corrections done etc etc
    i work for telecom company not aware of your processes
    six sigma can be applied to anything that can be measured, and till it is measured it cannot be improved, hence in case we want to improve we can do it by six sigma

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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