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Topic Six sigma in clinical laboratories

Six sigma in clinical laboratories

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    I would like to know if there are any participants in this forum who are connected to large volume laboratories employing 6-sigma strategies.
    thank you


    Yes, we are starting to use six sigma strategies in our laboratory.  We are a 3 hospital system with a main core lab.  I just received my black belt and we are very early in the process.


    I would like to further discuss the projects that you are attempting. I am particularly interested in front-end processes. what projects have you started?


    I am currently working on a project to reduce the specimen integrity and mislabeling issues from nursing.  Nursing draws all of our samples and we have many re-draws. 
    I am also starting at the end of August on an automation project.  this will include evaluation of the front end processing as well as the clinical laboratory. 


    We are in the same situation–several lab sites with a core lab.  We are just now beginning the research on revamping our current QA Model–care to share info on your implementation?


    I am not sure what parts of QA implementation you would like to discuss.   Do you mean jsut the six sigma projects I am working on or our QA modeel for the 3 laboratories.   I would be glad to share either; but this may need to be completed over the phone instead of writing.  Please feel free to give me a call.  804-627-5182.


    We are a Regional Lab with a large Outreach program that is part of the Adventist Health System and we have recently implemented 6 sigma.  Do you have any specific questions I can help you with?


    Dear Claudine,
    I work for Geisinger Health System in PA. I am in the process of trying to determine the best approach – 6-sigma, lean or a combination of both. do you have any thoughts about this? Where did you receive your 6-sigma training. how can i contact you?


    When trying to decide which route to take I spoke to many people and most said that a combination of the two is usually the best approach.  I agree with them and I think it is always important to pull the best tool out of your toolbox for the partuicular project you are working on.
    I do think, however that you need to have one methodology as your primary one.  We chose Six Sigma because it has a more broad application in the service industry, especially in the issues we are trying to tackle.
    I recieved my training through Motorola University although I hear GE and Jand J also have great programs.
    You can reach me at (708)579-4913  or if you have any questions


    i would like to know the utilization of six sigma concept in clinical lab.


    Dear Claudine,
    I am a Six Sigma student and I must begin my first project in Clinical Labs.
    Can you share any project or experience you have in order to get an idea of the use of the 6S methodology in this area?
    Thank you in advance.
    Best regards,


    Did you get any material related to yuor request?
    Would you share it with me?
    Thank you!


    Is there benchmark data out there anywhere for QA monitor on number of unlabeled/mislabeled specimens received in Clinical Lab?  Our specimens are collected by nursing and we are trying to establish a threshold for these kind of errors.  sue

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)

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