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    I am a new to six sigma in mining industry. I would like to share experience in mining industry six sigma application. I am pleased to have some success stories from miners in order to advertise ss in my site.




    Well, in my 6sigma experience there must be some things to be done first.

    1- Top managament leadership and commitment, with goal settings aligned to a strategic plan.
    2- A program in place, with empowered leaders, belts and accountability.
    3- Value chain analysis.

    Once your company have done this the you must identify the bottlenecks downstream, the several process. From blasting and drilling, hauling and feeding the plants, till the process water reclaiming.
    Then six sigma comes to the rescue breaking bottlenecks and improving critical processes variables.
    There are also several approaches regarding the magnitude of the project, but in order to involve the operators you must set goals like hauling trucks tyre life, fleet reliability, shovel utilizations and so, which can be related to with a sense of purpose and ownership.

    In any case, it’s a long way to the top if you wanna rock n roll, and a challenging one though.




    i am zahra master in economic geology woking as mine geology group manager
    i am pleased for our head manager tendency to have 6sigma project in mining
    we carried out a project in our mine (copper open pit mine ) for gas cosumption and avoiding of bad consumption of gaz by mine contractor and another project with the title of ” reduce the grade tolerance from mine to plant ”
    the result of the project is available
    i am eager to hear of you about your project and sahre my idea
    by the i am new to 6sigma project
    best regards
    [email protected]


    Mike Carnell

    @aricis I have had clients in the mining industry since 2003. We have worked North & South America, Australia and Africa. Our deployment in South Africa won a global completion for deployment of the year for two consecutive years. We still have 3 active mining clients currently.

    (posts here frequently) worked with us in Africa

    We can probably come up with something for you if you would like to contact me off line at [email protected].

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