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    Can any one tell me the current status of 6 sigma implementation in Pakistan. How many organizations have implemented 6 sigma??


    Please see for detailes. or you can contact me for Six Sigma Implementation. I have Black Belt certification from Sweden.
    Best regards,
    Muddassir Ahmed


    dear sir
    how do you do?
    i have to ask few questions
    1-how many industrues in pakistan have six sigma
    2-how many six sigma balck belt in pakistan?


    I think that your best chance would be to contact the Pakistan Institute of Quality Control  and see if they can provide some information and guidance.
    Best regards,Eric


    I did visit a leading packaging company in Lahore last November during a Six Sigma symposium event. Their presentation did not convince me that they are a six sigma company. Their case study is just a normal QCC project renamed as a six sigma project. No MSA, no SPC, no DOE, etc. statistical tools are deployed.Pakistan National Productivity Organization may be able to advise you how many companies in Pakistan indeed implementing 6 sigma. My guess is less than 5 companies as at Nov 2005.


    you may attend a workshop on 6 sigma on 20-21 december 2006 to learn more about status and people in 6 sigma deployment in pakistan.


    please attend a workshop on 6 sigma on december 20-21 2006 in karachi and learn more about status and people engaged in 6sigma deployment in pakistan.


    Hi All,
    I am a Six Sigma BB from USA. I am visiting Pakistan and trying to find the answer of same question (how many companies have six sigma initiatives in Pakistan)….what is the future of this work in Pakistan.
    Most of six sigma initiatives did not have complete support or buy in of top level management. People from diferrent departments took individual six sigma initiatives. I think PIQC is heavily involved in Six Sigma training and have successfuly comepleted many batches of training of BB for many companies, but those companies have not formaly started six sigma initiative. Telenor, Allied Engineering, Packages, are few big names I know have tried to launch Six Sigma.
    If anyone has further information please share with us. Also, What about the idea of creating a Pakistan Six Sigma Blog? Any criticism or suggestion????


    Hi Rizwan: I am just back from a long trip to Pakistan. Send me a line of your mail id and I would be happy to share my experience in Pakistan with you. All in all, the awareness and commitment is very low.
    Best regards,


    Dear Friends,
    What is the consulting opportunity in the area of Lean Six Sigma in Pakistan? Any one wants to join me to deploy Six Sigma in Pakistan?
    Kind Regards,
    M. Afzal
    Lean Six Sigma MBB


    I  don’t  believe  that  you  are Lean-SS MBB?


    Afzal: I have a small network in major cities of Pakistan in the quality circle. how about lean ss there? what I observe is 5 s and 7 qc tools are yet to be culture of most. anyhow if you can send me your mail id we have have offline comm to see if there is any synnery.
    thak you very much.


    Thanks for your response. you can reach me at:


    There are lots of companies interested in Six Sigma Deployment, offcouse a list cannot be provided. Unfortunately the Six Sigma Consultants in Pakistan are a handful and the way they present the business case for Six Sigma Deployment in the company is very weak. The aspect of ROI is totaly missed, and there is no focus on educating the client with the benefits of Six Sigma. The software industry is taking a stance on Six Sigma especially the ones which have achieved some level of CMM.
    I hope it helped
    Jack Sparrow


    Would you mind giving me your email ID. I would like to get in touch with you.


    Looks Like al qieda is looking for implementing of Six Sigma for it’s back office in pakistan.


    Hi All
    I have done six sigma black belt  and CQE from ASQ and nowadays I am working in canada  in quality for last four years. I am also interseted o know about the future of six simga in Pakistan. Any body may contact me in this regards
    Ghayas Shaikh


     I wants to join you in the implement of six sigma in Pakistan

Viewing 19 posts - 1 through 19 (of 19 total)

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