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    Maybe an unusual question but I hope you could give me some hints. For my thesis in university I should write about six sigma in service industries and I am now starting screening the literature / academic papers. I scanned EBSCO and some other paper-search engines. Furthermore I looked in the so called best quality A-Journals (Management Sciences etc.) but I have not found some really good papers regarding this topic. You can find a lot about six sigma in general but it is mainly regarding manufacturing but service is somehow different, I suppose. Do you know some well known academic-authors resp. journals which you would recommend me? I used the sources the six-sigma page is suggesting, but I have not found some good stuff. Even in a literature-review paper by L.C. Hendry (is reviewing/scoring/comparing all existing six sigma papers until 2005) says that the non-manufacturing field is not really “developed” except some specific papers about finance/banking service or in the healthcare. But nothing in general.
    Thanks a lot for all ideas!!!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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